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richard arviso
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The first time I realize I want to be an artist, was when I first saw Walt Disney on tv. When I was younger the Disney channel would switch to Vault Disney (If your old enough, you might remember it ) they'd play old Disney cartoon, Spin and Marty, Zorro, Davy Crockett, and there'd be at least 1 classic Disney movie but what I'd stay up all night to watch was the Wonderful World of Disney. I'd watch Walt Disney on TV and I felt as if he was talking to me, on the show there'd be cartoon characters talking and hand stuff to Mr.Disney, there'd be music, a lot fantastic thing happened on the TV show, he'd show us everything he and staff was working on in the studio, and at that moment I realized my life goal was to become an animator. I wish I was that kid again and some time when I'm drawling I fell as if I am that little kid again
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hey guys

so last night i draw a sailor eris
picture and i came up with a story
but i found it to be a boring story

but about a half an hour ago
:icondennisanginbrian:  he told me that eris is a nibru
and that it heading to earth in 2012
so went to go look it up

im not saying that im entirely 100% convinced but i am not saying that i dont believe in it 100%

but what i was looking up gave me a great idea
so here what i came up with

also do you guys think i should change sailor eris
hair. if so what color


A thousand years ago or moon was home to great civilation
ruled by queen serenity, every thing was peacful, until the a rival of evil queen beryl
to conquer the the moon, queen beryl unleached the awesome power of the negaforce
all though the moon kingdom was destoryed queen serenity last hope was the imperium silver crystal and the crescent moon wand frozen moon beams crystals the queen sent the princess and the childern of moon to the future on earth, there memories were lost them

but im getting a head of my self
our story has nothing to with them
your story actually start on earth, the earth princess was very young and beautiful and  the king of earth feared for here safety, so he asked the queen serenity to give his daughter the power's as she did with the court of the moon princess, the queen serenity agreed but with couple condition, first was that princess serena would be aloud to marry the prince darien, earth custume clearly state the prince must marry in to royal blood line, the reluctantly the king agreed, second that she would a point one of her moon kingdom guardian to watch over her and
and to teacher how to fight and control her powers. the king also agreed to this

all though the queen had my guardian in her she found it very had to just chose one
the four inner guardian where part of serena court, so the could not risk losing one
so she tured to the outer guardian who protected the inner kingdows from evils trying to enter our world
sailor uranus guardian of the skie's
sailor nepture guardian of the sea's
sailor pluto guardian of the underworld
sailor saturn guardian of silence and destorier of worlds
sailor eris guardian of concord

the queeen decided the guardian of concord(sailor eris) would be the best choice
so the queen sent word to sailor eris return to the moon for a new mission
upon a arrival eris was a point to court of the earth princess and watch a protect her with her life

for many week eris trained the princess earth, how became more powerful be the day
when the queen beryl attacked earth eris was the first line of defence, she fought for day's
and was able to keep them back when it seemed that she was winning, disaster struck the eris had fallen but when she return she was leader of the of queen beryl she help bring down the earth kingdom, when they stormed the in to palace to finish of the queen and king

eris was confunted with the princess of earth
queen beryl and they other left earth and attacted the moon
leave eris to fight the princess, eris had the princess beat but in last ditch effort
the princess used all her powers to send eris hurled in to space never to return
but eris vowed that one day she would return to the earth princess
with eris's final word she hurled her in to space and earth princess was left the ruin of her kingdom, weak from the she prayed in the earth to save her from dieing

as she sit thinking to her it was over
a flashing light came flying from the sky
they kept falling tell she was surrounded
the light in cased her in tomb  
until a princess of noble blood would come and
save her


that about all i got right now but i think it a cute story

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